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Final Breath, formed in the quiet city Lohr in lower Franconia, Germany back in 1993. Followed by the first demo tape “Soulchange” 1995, a self-released Mini CD “End Of It All” 1997 and a growing number of live shows. While they started with Melodic Death Metal the sound developed quickly more in the direction Thrash Metal.
Until that time still no reasonable label was interested, so the band entered Andy Classen’s Stage One Studio in Germany (Holy Moses, Tankard, Krisiun and many more) to record their first fulllength album “Flash-Burnt Crucifixes” on their own costs. The well produced and furious mixture of Death and Thrash Metal finally convinced Gutter Records (division of Massacre Records, Germany) to release the album worldwide in 2000.
The cooperation with Gutter Records didn’t work as expected and Final Breath didn’t renew the deal. They improved their style and understanding of Thrash Metal with Death Metal influences. Again on their own costs they entered Stage One Studio to record the second album “Mind Explosion”. Nuclear Blast Records released it worldwide in 2002. With again very good press feedback and meanwhile significantly increased awareness Final Breath established themselves also live on stage as a solid institution in the European metal scene.
Third album, third label, third time Stage One Studio on their own costs. “Let Me Be Your Tank” was born and Hamburg’s finest metal label at this time, Remedy Records, unleashed the Panzer worldwide in October 2004. By fans and press celebrated as the strongest album so far in the band history Final Breath underpined their standing in the German extreme metal scene no longer indispensable. Followed by an Euroean tour with Illdisposed and many festival shows like Summer Breath and Party.San and many more, Final Breath grew throughout Europe.
After two years of massive touring in 2006 unfortunately it gets quiet around the band due to personal reasons of some band members. Due to untiring demand from fans and unbroken passion for heavy metal music it was never discussed to quit completely. That’s why Final Breath continued with live shows every now and then.
After several demo recordings over the years in 2017 they hired a new singer, Patric Gajda, for a stable and the production for a new studio album called “Of Death And Sin” has started finally!
2018 The return of Final Breath! As already in the past the band developed their own style and they strictely followed up this path until today. Of course it’s still kind of old school Thrash Metal with Death Metal influences, but without sounding like the thousandth copy of the well-known genre classics! Razorsharp riffs, deadly groove and aggressive vocals combined with melodic leads and guitar solos form the foundation for cleverly arranged songs, so every track is it’s own highlight on this album.
None other than Peter Taegtgren (Abyss Studios Sweden Hypocrisy, Pain, Immortal, Overkill and many more) has taken the final mix and conjured a killer sound. Up-to-date but also rough enough to blow your speakars Furthermore it’s definetely worth to check the lyrics. As a central theme Final Breath picked out the capital sins at the present time (or C. E. = common area) or in sinister visions of the future. Everything perfectely supported by a genious artwork from the indonesian cover artist “Megan Mushi.
Instantly the German Label Metalville Records from Cologne became aware of it and signed the band without hesitation. “Of Death And Sin” will be unleashed worldwide as Digi-Pack CD, digital and first time on vinyl.

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