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Fun, pure joie de vivre, the carefree approach and almost the foot always on full stop, this is how FORE provide an entertaining riff fire on “Hombres”, which will engrave a sunny smile on your face in the winter phase and sweeten the fun of teasing sunbeams in the summer fresh, cheeky, always aggressive and melodic at the same time.
It’s just punk and we were up for it, so the enthusiastic sounding words from the internationally positioned quartet FORE. It was in May 2020 that former KREATOR bassist Christian “Spiesi” Giesler, drummer Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC., ex-MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE), guitarist Taylor Nordberg (ex-MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE) and golden throat Brian “The Canadian Glenn Hughes” Stephenson on the microphone joined their forces. First ideas were exchanged quickly, the chemistry was right immediately. So the enforced break because of the pandemic was used positively and already four months after foundation the debut album “Hombres” was distributed in a small CD edition under own direction to the increasingly greedy people for a small price.
Only punk what sounds so coolly reduced, blows the crap out of your ears right from the start. PENNYWISE, BAD RELIGION, NOT FUN AT ALL and the other scene greats are not only touched upon, but their rusty carts are pissed on. The hard-hitting mixture of plenty of punk with a few metalized influences in a little more than 22 minutes bursts freshly out of the grooves, so that you may rub your eyes in wonder where they get the lightness, if they were and are otherwise more at home in the metal camp.
The loose and chilling numbers like the opener “Pet”, the sluggishly riffing “Churchill Quote” or the rocking “All Comes Crashing” point to the broad, always harmonic punk seasoning from FORE. (Skate)-Punkers and Metalheads get to feel the hot breeze of good mood over the full length of the album an entertaining, easy-going parade.

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