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Holy Moses are a household name within the international metal scene. Their multi-faceted thrash metal, front-woman Sabina Classen’s charismatic voice and their unique mix of traditional attitude and experimental evolvement have been instrumental in establishing the band as a well-known and reliable entity since the beginning of their career in the early 1980’s.

Their latest studio-release Redefined Mayhem from 2014 was a prime example of an album which expertly blends past and present. “Holy Moses have never released standard thrash songs, and we never will,” Sabina Classen explains with some pride. “We write songs which we like ourselves and don’t compromise in terms of trends and concessions to wrong expectations. We don’t have to please everybody, we’re our own brand, we have our own sound, which includes the occasional odd beat, technically demanding passages and unusual chord structures as well as interesting lyrics which deal with the dark side of people and their minds.”

That Holy Moses don’t show any symptoms of fatigue is mainly due to their perfect balance within their line-ranks, consisting of founding members and musicians who have previously also played in other groups: Frontwoman Sabina Classen has been the voice and face of Holy Moses since 1981, bassist Thomas Neitsch has been in the band since 2008, drummer Gerd Lücking joined the fold with guitarist Peter Geltat in 2011/2012. This line-up has proved to be ambitious and ready to face the new challenges in a permanently evolving metal genre.

“This is Holy Moses. In 2022/2023 we will define a new chapter of our band history,” explains Sabina Classen, adding: “The band has been growing together as a very strong team for more than 10 years by now. The new album, which is due to come out in 2023, is in the mixing process right now and will show that Holy Moses continues to be a force to be reckoned with. We cannot reveal much more right now, but look out for further news coming soon!”. 2023 is set to be a very special year for Holy Moses with a strong and comprehensive live campaign…

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29.04.23RemchingenNo Playback FestivalDE
13.05.23ValladolidGalia Metal FestES
20.05.23OstendHuginns Awakening Fest VIIBE
26.05.23 - 28.05.23GelsenkirchenRock Hard FestivalDE
08.06.23 - 10.06.23Frýdek-MístekHellPdays FestivalCZ
09.06.23BüßfeldM.I.S.E. Open AirDE
05.07.23TrutnovObscene ExtremeCZ
15.07.23TorgauIn Flammen Open AirDE
13.08.23KortrijkALCATRAZ FestBE
02.09.23SchoonebeckSchoonebeck DeathfestNL
15.09.23 - 17.09.23KielFull Metal CruiseDE
09.12.23EindhovenEindhoven Metal MeetingNL

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