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Jazz Sabbath is a jazz trio from England who play (instrumental) jazz interpretations of Black Sabbath songs. The trio is lead by pianist Adam Wakeman (part of both Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band and Black Sabbath since 2004).
The project was launched early 2020 and quickly became an online phenomenon. Jazz Sabbath’s backstory suggests the band was formed in 1968 and that they are the original writers of Black Sabbath’s songs. The release of their first album was cancelled when band leader Milton Keanes (Wakeman’s alter ego) was hospitalised in 1970. When Milton was released from hospital, he found out that a band from Birmingham had since released two albums containing heavy metal versions of his jazz compositions.
The Jazz Sabbath album was released in April 2020, accompanied by an online Jazz Sabbath mockumentary in which Milton Keanes (Wakeman) was interviewed about the early days of Jazz Sabbath and the alleged theft of their songs by Black Sabbath. The documentary gained extensive media coverage and the album itself got rave reviews from both rock and jazz critics; entering several jazz album charts worldwide. In November a special mono edition of the album was released through Record Store Day, which is rare for a new band. All 1500 copies were sold out in one day.
On the album Adam is joined by Ash Soan (Adele) on drums and Jerry Meehan (Robbie Williams) on bass, plus a number of guest musicians, such as Fraser T. Smith (Craig David, Sam Smith). However, all go by their 1960s pseudonyms.

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