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POWER FROM HELL from Sao Paulo, Brazil, were formed in 2001 by main songwriter Sodomic as a raw and primitive studio-only vehicle for the early BATHORY worship, flourishing for 10 years without live activity and releasing a series of cult underground records: “The True Metal” (2004), “Sadismo” (2007) and “Spellbondage” (2009).

In 2010 the band began to draw worldwide attention when Fenriz from DARKTHRONE revealed himself to be a big fan, regularly wearing a shirt of “The True Metal” and highlighting the band in interviews and articles. POWER FROM HELL capitalised on the subsequent buzz, growing immeasurably over a well-received sequence of EPs, splits and full-lengths including “Devil’s Whorehouse” (2015, Hells Headbangers) and “Profound Evil Presence” (2019, High Roller).

After 20 years, with the band now an established touring entity, the raw Black/Thrash sound of yesteryear gave way to a darker, more complete path within Black Metal, leading to a newly formed alliance with the Debemur Morti Productions label. The band’s latest album “Shadows Devouring Light” was released in the fall of 2022, and shows the depths of the abyss and what is most disgusting, profane and terrifying in human experience.

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