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Formed in Saarbrücken in 2015, THE SPIRIT have emerged from the depth of the German extrememetal void to breathe new life into the black/death metal genre.Often circling aroundanastronomicleitmotif in their lyricsand concepts, the bandis mixinga misanthropic view on the world withcosmic metaphors and the call to see our often narrow-minded and egocentric existence in the largercontext of our whole universe.For two years, the foursomegathered their powers to recordtheirdebut album at the Iguana Studiosin 2017, and decided to found their own label, Eternal Echoes, in October of the same year, torelease“Sounds From The Vortex”.Due to raving press reviews and having made waves in theunderground, THE SPIRIT quickly caught the attention ofthe leading metal label Nuclear Blast and inspring 2018, the band partnered up with them in order to make their debut once again available to awider audience after the Eternal Echoes edition being out of print already.After a busy year of 2018, packed with release shows at the German Party.San and Summer Breezefestivals as well as an extensive European tour with Hypocrisy, the band once again entered thestudio to push the boundaries of the genre and record their sophomore album.With several vinyleditions having been sold out within only a few hours,”Cosmic Terror“saw the light of day throughAOP Records on February7th and immediately hit #40 of the official German album charts.On their third offering,“Of Clarity and Galactic Structures”,that entered the charts on aphenomenal #19 in Germany,theband that by now reduced its members tothe two core musiciansMatthias Trautes(vocals, guitars, bass) andManuel Steitz(drums), hold on to their black/deathmetal roots yet takethe progressive elements to a whole new levelwiththe brain twisting rhythmchanges and virtuosic instrumental performances.

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