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For over three decades, Angra went through different cycles, some painful and others, such as now, prosperous. Formed in 1991, the band soon reached the status of one of the biggest heavy metal bands in Brazil with a global reach. By releasing iconic albums and extensive touring in the American continent, Europe and Asia, the band solidified a strong fan-base.

The blend between the heaviness of metal, influences from organic Brazilian music and erudite sophistication created a unique identity, that attracted people around the globe. Despite changes in formation and the constant search for different musical paths, Angra never lost its essence, maintaining themselves in a competitive environment. The current formation is experiencing a great moment, the new album, Cycles of Pain, with 12 tracks which celebrate Angra’s legacy by recapturing references from their whole repertoire as well as sailing through the tides of change, after all, they never stagnated.

The scope of Angra’s musical input is proven by the numbers. They have sold more than three million album copies around the world, around half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, and almost 50 million views on YouTube!

Line up:
Rafael Bittencourt –guitars
Felipe Andreoli – bass
Marcelo Barbosa – guitars
Fabio Lione – vocals
Bruno Valverde – drums

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14.06.24São Pedro do SulBelavista Open AirPT

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