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Iron Savior is a German power metal band that was formed in Hamburg in 1996.
Following a period of several years working behind the scenes in music production, multiinstrumentalist and producer/engineer Piet Sielck joined with former Helloween
bandmate Kai Hansen and then-drummer for Blind Guardian, Thomen Stauch in a new
project that would blend power metal with a high-concept science fiction story.
The band’s debut album Iron Savior introduced the story that would be told over
the course of multiple albums, featuring a self-aware space vessel called the Iron Savior
and its relationship to the mythical lost civilization of Atlantis.
Critics have compared Iron Savior’s sound and musical approach to classic heavy
metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Queensrÿche. Kai Hansen’s presence in the
band brought to the Iron Savior albums on which he appeared a style heavily influenced by
Gamma Ray and Helloween.
Their latest album, Firestar, has reached position #34 in the German charts. The
band had reached this chart several times, but with the new album they have reached
their best position ever… what it means that Heavy Mertal and Iron Savior are in their best

Line up:
Piet Sielck – vocals, guitar
Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – guitar
Jan-Sören Eckert – bass
Patrick Klose – drums

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