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The Swedish pioneers of dark music, LAKE OF TEARS, are a constant magnitude in the scene since many years and it’s hard to imagine it without them. Their biggest advantage is an unprecedented originality that serves as the driving force for them to pursue new ideas and to selfactualize. One thing is for sure: each LAKE OF TEARS album will sound a little different than its predecessor, but will be in no way of inferior quality.
The same applies to the new record “Illwill”, which marks the band´s return 4 years after their latest album.
Compared to “Moons and Mushrooms” (2007) you’ll instantly recognize the increased heaviness. From unusual edgy heavy metal riffing “The Hating”, “Midnight Madness”) to melancholic depressive songs (“Illwill”, “Behind The Green Door”) and even psychedelic-tinged rock songs (“House Of The Setting Sun”), “Illwill” offers an incredibly wide range and displays in every second the unique identity of LAKE OF TEARS. “Illwill” will delight, surprise and fascinate. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait another four years for their next masterpiece. On the other hand, if a killer album like “Illwill” is the result, no one would complain.
In 1994, LAKE OF TEARS appeared for the first time with “Greater Art”, a good start, despite not showing the band´s true potential. But only one year later “Headstones” was released, an album that was hailed by critics and fans. The way for the international breakthrough was paved and in 1997 the band made this step with the “A Crimson Cosmos” album. The demonstrated musical range established LAKE OF TEARS with its unique sound, which still makes the band an exception today. The next album “Forever Autumn” (1999) could not tie with all this success and finally resulted in the breakup of LAKE OF TEARS.
Because of contractual obligations to their former label, mastermind Brennare presented another LAKE OF TEARS album under the title “The Neonai”, completely one just by himself. This release should mark the ultimate end of the band. But -as things sometimes develop- it all came different … the fire was back, too many good ideas not yet implemented and the belief that LAKE OF TEARS had not yet unfolded to their full potential.
Brennare’s longtime collaborators Mikael Larsson (bass) and Johan Oudhuis (drums) were quickly convinced to continue with LAKE OF TEARS. A new record deal was formality and with “Black Brick Road” they released an impressive comeback album, recorded and released in 2004. Not quite three years later the Swedes went on with “Moons and Mushrooms” and continued their success. LAKE OF TEARS reach a wide audience with their mixture of rock, gothic, metal and psychedelic elements and the worldwide fan base is more than eager to explore another part of the LAKE OF TEARS world with “Illwill”.
Be prepared for a heavy album full of LAKE OF TEARS-like characteristics.

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