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When it comes to modern heavy metal, there are few bands operating at the same level as Portrait.

For a decade and a half, the Swedish unit have been forging their own path, and in the process, infusing life into a longstanding, well-established genre and taking it in new directions. Following up 2017’s acclaimed Burn The World, they return with the mighty At One With None, which was recorded at JFK Studios in Kristianstad, Sweden with Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Hatesphere) handling the mixing.

While Portrait fans will immediately recognize it as the work of their heroes, they are not simply rehashing old ideas and treading where they have before. “One simple ‘rule’ that I have had personally is that no song written for this album and onwards should be similar to any song that we have already written and released. We have been doing this for 15 years now, and I am proud to say that I think we have managed to find our own identity and sound, which can’t really be said about that many bands today. This is our greatest achievement, and the goal is to keep exploring and developing our own sound, without repeating ourselves.”

The results of working with this philosophy are undeniable, making for an essential addition to the Portrait canon.ugust 25th, 2017 through Metal Blade Records, and features guest appearances by Set Teitan (Dissection) and Kevin Bower (Hell). “Burn the World” entered the German charts at position 65, received great reviews and also became the album of the month in Deaf Forever magazine, and reached position #3 in the soundcheck section of German Rock Hard magazine. “We look forward to get out on the road again to spread our heavy metal darkness together with RAM and Trial in 2018, a package that shall destroy everything in its way. Dedicate your life to heavy metal or die!”

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