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What do you write about a band that has successfully been in the business for over 20 years? Well you could start all over again and tell people that Psychopunch was founded in Västeras, Sweden in 1998. You could write about the original , their numerous records (11 full-length albums plus numerous other recordings to be exact) and how they continuously re-invent themselves, blablabla.
But that’s exactly the point! First of all you can find all this info on the fabulous internet! And to be honest, Psychopunch actually do not re-invent themselves with every album. Let’s bring it down to what’s really important the feeling, the rhythm, the attitude, the persistence!
Psychopunch manages to be very reliable in terms of persistence. They’ve never changed their original style, they’ve kept producing great, rocking singalong tunes with catchy melodies and gritty guitars. All that without loosing sight of musical evolution and without being afraid of new and unusual influences, even though their list of musical heroes is already long. Their roots lie somewhere in the 1970s and reach out from old original punk rock bands over metal, glam and hard rock to recent music styles.
They somehow have the talent to mix all those inspirations without neglecting their long-bred style of melodic, yet rocking drinking songs.
This well-known and respected band has fans all over Scandinavia and Europe. They set small clubs on fire and enthuse whole festival crowds. How? Well as we said: They have the talent to permanently evolve while continuing to focus their energy on the essentials: traditional punk rock and a gift for writing anthems.
So if you’re in for heartfelt, passionate and melodic Punkrock tunes and candid, no bullshit Rock’n’Roll with a singalong guarantee than this is your new favorite band!
After their last release (“Sweet Baby Octane”, 2015) Jonas Karlberg (Noice) joined the band as lead guitar player. And since Jocke decided to leave the band earlier this year they have managed to get their very first drummer Johan back! With Walle still on bass and Jarmo’s unique voice we’d like to proclaim: Hail to the mix of old dogs and fresh wind in Psychopunch!
A new record deal with Massacre Records have just been signed and the future never looked brighter for them. Let’s bring the “Original Scandinavian Superdudes” back on the map!

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03.05.24 - 01.06.24Windeck-RosbachKärbholz HeimspielDE

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