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Witherfall was formed in Los Angeles in 2013. Joseph Michael (also of Sanctuary fame) and Jake Dreyer (ex-Iced Earth/Demons & Wizards) built their new band around drummer Adam Sagan (RIP) and accomplished bassist Anthony Crawford (Allan Holdsworth, CHON). Since then, the group have released three highly regarded albums: Nocturnes and Requiems (2017), A Prelude to Sorrow (2018), and Curse of Autumn (2021) and an ep Vintage (2019). Not one to cut corners, Witherfall enlisted famed drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson) on Curse of Autumn, ensuring the foundations of singles “As I Lie Awake,” “The Other Side of Fear,” and “The River” were second to none. On the upcoming album, Minnemann returns to the fold with an album-only appearance, while drummer Chris Tsaganeas (Wax Owls) and multi-instrumentalist Gerry Hirschfeld (Willie Nelson) Witherfall’s newest permanent members.
 Every Witherfall album is a defining moment. From the moment Nocturnes and Requiems thundered across metaldom to the group’s wine endeavors (Tempest Red Blend) with Charlie & Echo Winery, their video collaboration with Cig Neutron (Devil’s Workshop) on “The Other Side of Fear,” a beer partnership with Adroit Theory Brewing Company (Shadows Black IPA), and custom Funko Pop set, Michael and Dreyer have made Witherfall their mission. The journey to this point hasn’t been without toil and upheaval. Determination, however, is the key.

 Witherfall are guitarist/songwriter Jake Dreyer, vocalist/songwriter Joseph Michael, bassist Anthony Crawford, drummer Marco Minnemann (recording only), drummer/percussionist Chris Tsaganeas, and keyboardist Gerry Hirschfeld.

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07.09.24 - 08.09.24Leon Guanajuato CityCandelabrum Metal FestMX
11.09.24MadridRevi LiveES
12.09.24PontevedraSala RebullónES
13.09.24 - 14.09.24PüchersreuthStorm Crusher FestivalDE

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Tour: Cycles Of Pain Tour Part II
27.10.24SevilleSala CustomES
28.10.24Vitoria/GasteizUrban Rock ConceptES
31.10.24RohrschachIndustrie 36CH
01.11.24ColmarLe GrillenFR
02.11.24ToulouseReady For Prog? FestivalFR
Tour: Cycles Of Pain Tour Part II

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