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It’s going to get hard with Corvus Corax – harder than we were used to from the
kings of minstrels. We know and love them for their mighty drums, their
impressive stage shows and their imposing bagpipe wall. Now the musicians
from Berlin are going one step further: Their new project “ERA METALLUM” get
together the epic of Corvus Corax with the force of metal and thus creates a new
and unique music experience. With passionate metal guitars and skilful,
progressive drums, the quick-change artists from CORVUS CORAX shape their
well-known playing styles into a successful symbiosis of traditional instruments
and heavy metal. A unique connection between the traditional and the dazzlingly
modern was created. If the Vikings had had electric guitars, this form of metal
would probably have been produced. CORVUS CORAX – ERA METALLUM creates
a unique and unprecedented epic atmosphere – massive and symphonic,
powerful and intoxicating.

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