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Born from ages spent in occult strife, Saturnalia Temple unites both spirit, sound, vibration and will in a musical ritual of personal dedication. A unique entity in the metal scene, the Temple has willfully etched out its own sovereign area, a domain of hypnotic riffing and magical initiation.

According to Infernal Masquerade “This outfit rivals Yob in terms of creating a completely crushing musical experience both on stage and on album.“ UR, the very first release crept up from the underground slowly like a blood-heavy moon and has now become a revered cult-classic. Saturnalia Temple has moved intently through the years and the, critically acclaimed, first proper album Aion of Drakon took the band to numerous major festivals as well as on both a EU and a US tour. Saturnalia Temple released their second album, To the Other, on Listenable Records in 2015. To The Other presented magical prophetic lyrics that echoed apocalyptic themes and initiatory revelations. Presenting a harsher and darker sound than ever, years of experience, tribulations and triumph was condensed into a powerful album – an offering – To the Other To the Other won a Manifest Award in Sweden and took the band on two headline tours of Europe in 2015 and 2016 as well as to many international festivals. In 2020 the third album Gravity was released. After the release of the album the band went out on a headline tour, supported by Wolvennest and Dread Sovereign. During 2022 – 2023 Tommie built a new studio which is called T.O.N / Temple of Naamah Studios. In 2023 he finished the writing, recording and production of a new Saturnalia Temple album. The new album is called Paradigm Call and the title echoes the calling in of the new paradigm of the Aion of Drakon, prophesied already in 2011. The album is the most focused and hard hitting so far and heavier than ever. Paradigm Call was released by Listenable Records in early 2024 to criticla acclaim.


A new live line up is also presented with brothers Gottfrid Åhman (In Solitude, Pågå) on bass and Pelle Åhman (In Solitude Pågå) on drums

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