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Warlord was born in 1981 as the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter William J Tsamis and drummer Mark Zonder. Widely celebrated as one of the pioneers of epic metal and despite being unable to have a constant presence as a live act (due to Tsamis’ personal ongoing health issues), over the years Warlord has amassed a massive following in the metal world. Bill Tsamis sadly passed away on May 2021.
Before his passing he left a trove of unfinished songs and demos to Giles Lavery, who sang for the band in 2013 and worked closely with Bill and Mark in the subsequent years on all aspects of the Warlord legacy. Those musical ideas and compositions led to what is now Warlord’s critically acclaimed latest album “Free Spirit Soar” released on May 10th 2024 as a tribute to Bill’s memory. Now reborn with a new lineup including Mark Zonder, longtime members Giles Lavery, Philip Bynoe… plus Jimmy Waldo, Eric Juris and Diego Pires, Warlord rises out of the ashes once again ready to headline upcoming summer festivals in Europe and beyond and firmly put Warlord’s music where it belongs in a live setting.

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14.09.24 - 15.09.24MilanoMetalitalia FestivalIT

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