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‘WHIPLASH – 40 Years Of Power And Pain’

Brace yourselves for an electrifying tour as American speed metal powerhouse, WHIPLASH, embarks on their much-anticipated European tour titled ‘WHIPLASH – 40 Years Of Power And Pain’. Known for their relentless energy and iconic sound, WHIPLASH promises to deliver an unforgettable experience celebrating four decades of power-packed performances.

WHIPLASH’s tour is a testament to their enduring legacy, especially marked by their classic thrash album ‘Power and Pain’, which continues to reverberate through the heavy metal music scene worldwide. Lead by the indomitable Tony Portaro, the band’s mastermind, WHIPLASH is set to ignite stages across Europe with their signature blend of power and intensity.

In a heartfelt statement, Tony Portaro shared his sentiments:

“Everyone’s life is filled with both powerful and painful moments. My life is no exception. When I express my music, I can overcome any pain I have experienced because you give me that power. I am grateful and honored to bring you my pain. Thank you for letting me unleash my power on stage. I invite you all to come out and forget your troubles for a moment, and feel the power and the pain!”

Presented by Dragon Productions and Deaf Forever, the ‘WHIPLASH – 40 Years Of Power And Pain’ tour promises an electrifying journey through the annals of speed metal history. Fans can expect an immersive experience as WHIPLASH delivers their iconic hits alongside electrifying live performances.

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